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Nostetta portfolio grows with RPS Brewing, an award-winning indie brewery from northern periferia

Nostetta has invested in an innovative indie brewery RPS Brewing based in Kuopio, Finland. RPS Brewing completed a directed share issue in the end of 2018 to strengthen its team and competence in business development and to accelerate its growth in international markets. Along with Nostetta Oy, a Finnish business person of the year 2017 Mika Sutinen, the CEO of Kotipizza Group Tommi Tervanen and a group of private investors and employees joined the company as investors.

RPS Brewing’s beers have been awarded for their taste for example in various categories of “the best beer in Finland” -competition in 2018. RPS Brewing’s brewmaster Aki wishes to produce tasteful but drinkable beer. The brewery describes its beer as balanced, fresh and pure to the palette. And as we need a game in everything in life, the beer also can beat each other in different forms. In strength, freshness, body type, or else. Eventually the strength meets softness and cuddliness and is melted. You know the drill.

Besides the tasteful beer, the company is also known for its innovative marketing efforts. One of the most famous examples is release of the “Let’s Settle This Like Adults” beer for Trump-Putin summit 2018 in Helsinki.

Read more about the RPS beers here:

More information about the directed share issue in RPS Brewing’s Facebook (in Finnish):


Savroc’s TripleHard chrome coating benefits proven in a variety of industrial applications

Since its establishment in 2012, Nostetta portfolio company Savroc has developed TripleHard chrome coating to offer the chrome plating industry a more durable and more sustainable alternative to conventional hard chrome.

TripleHard’s performance, such as hardness, wear resistance and lower friction, exceeds the performance of conventional hard chrome, enabling a variety of opportunities to save costs in terms of extended maintenance cycles and decreased energy costs, for example. Unlike the plating process of traditional hard chrome, TripleHard plating process does not contain chromic acids harmful to the environment and people working in the process.

Savroc has “Good laboratory results are not enough, the performance has to be industrially proven as well”, says Osmo Jahkola, the CEO of Savroc in an article (in Finnish) published by the leading technology publication of Finland, Tekniikka&Talous.

Today, TripleHard coating’s benefits have been industrially proven in a variety of applications for over 2,5 years. The current customers include for example a Finnish hydraulic cylinder manufacturer Hydroline and a French agricultural machinery manufacturer Egretier, in addition to an automation manufacturer and some weapon manufacturers. In July 2018, Europe’s biggest cylinder manufacturer ASO Group agreed to take TripleHard coating method into use.

Finnish speaking readers: check the whole story of Savroc and TripleHard in Tekniikka&Talous.

Nostetta made an investment in biopharmaceutical company Aurealis Pharma

Nostetta has invested in a privately owned biopharmaceutical company Aurealis Pharma. The company based in Kuopio, Finland and Basel, Switzerland, has developed an effective, safe and economical treatment method that greatly improves the quality of life for chronic inflammation and cancer sufferers.

Nostetta invested in OwnSurround, a developer of 3D sound technology for headphones

We are happy to announce our newest addition to Nostetta portfolio: OwnSurround, a company developing technology that brings personally tailored 3D surround sound to the user’s own headphones. The technology can be utilized for example in adding real multi-channel sound to video game or movie experience.

VRT Finland accepted into Tekes NIY-program

We are happy to announce that Nostetta’s portfolio company VRT Finland Oy has been accepted into Tekes NIY-program, which is intended to fund and support international growth of young and innovative companies with high global business potential. Congrats VRT!

Nostetta has a new look

Where there’s growth, there’s change. This applies also to Nostetta, so we decided to update our visuals to match the new state of the company. We think it’s a match. Do you?


Nostetta portfolio grows with addition of VRT Finland

Nostetta has invested in VRT Finland, a tech startup specializing in underwater inspections with the latest 3D-measurement technology. VRT’s solutions ensure that damages or changes in structures do not cause surprises, saving the customer time and money. Welcome aboard VRT!