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Nostetta is the main owner of Nostetta Ventures, which will be managing North Savo Startup Fund, when the fund will start its operations in spring 2020. The fund invests in early stage growth companies mainly situated in Northern Savo region in Finland.

Nostetta Ventures team is a group of deep tech experts, with a solid track record of building successful technology companies, six PhD degrees, and four professorships. We are eager to utilize our business and technology expertise to build successful deep tech growth companies in close co-operation with the company founders and the team.

Nostetta will keep managing its existing portfolio, but new investment opportunities will be allocated to Nostetta Ventures.

Managing Partner

+358 40 060 6122

Venture capital professional with nearly 20 years of wide experience in both private and public venture capital sectors. Strong knowledge and hands-on experience in managing venture capital funds, latest as a Investment Director at Finnvera Plc VC.  Active board professional with enthusiasm of doing things better.

Controller, Partner

+358 50 449 8015

A financial professional with a passion for development. Several years experience in public finance, latest as a Controller at Finnvera Plc VC. Specialized in reporting and financial administrative tasks for a venture capital firm. Strong competence in data analysis, optimizing processes and combining details with a big picture.



Partner, Investments

Board professional and entrepreneur with a strong track record and experience in M&A, deep technology and fund raising. Chairman and founder of Rocsole. Various board positions, e.g. Osuuskunta KPY, Enfo, Nostetta and VRT Finland. Previously CEO and founder of Numcore and Rocsole, part-time Professor of Practice in UEF and board member in various SMEs. An extensive international network, with the strongest contacts in the Nordics, USA and Europe.


Partner, Investments

Serial entrepreneur and business architect with extensive experience in growing medtech startups globally. Sharp business analyst with proven track record in raising funds and building successful teams. CEO and co-founder of Aurealis Pharma, previously CEO and co-founder of Cerebricon, which was sold to NYSE listed Charles River Laboratories in 2009. Board member at Aurealis Pharma and Fennogate Finland.


Partner, Investments

Serial technology entrepreneur and technology sales visionary. Has successfully set up and led international business in many technology startups, including Nanocomp, Numcore and Rocsole, where Pasi currently works as CEO and co-founder. Has key expertise in tomography, lithography, diffractive- and micro-optics, IP, measurement devices.  Masters venture capital fund raising, governmental fund raising, solution sales and IPR strategy.


Partner, Investments

Business finance and M&A expert with years of experience in working with growth companies. Previously as business consultant, currently as Business Manager at Danske Bank. Strong analytical skills, great with numbers. Board member at VRT Finland.


Partner, Corporate Law

Corporate law professional with strong startup experience. Specializes in M&A, due diligence investigations, contract law and limited company administration. Partner at Lukander Ruohola HTO, advisory board member at Rocsole.


Partner, Process Industry Investments

Experienced process industry influencer. Managing Director of Mondi Powerflute Oy. Chairman of the board in a wood procurement company Harvestia Oy and in a stock listed energy company Savon Voima Oyj. Board member of Finnish Forest Industries Federation.

Chairman / Partner, Investments

Investment banker and investor, with over 10 years of entrepreneurial advisory experience. Co-owner in Broadius Partners, an investment bank offering financial advisory in international corporate acquisitions, divestments, fundraising, and other related transactions. Active owner and board member in various mid and medium-sized companies. Multiple Ironman Hawaii finisher. 

Partner, Investments

Business management professional with background from multiple industries IT, telco and real-estate. Experienced leader with a strong growth and customer driven mindset. Work experience in multiple continents and countries in Europe and in the US in large organizations as well as in start-ups. Currently working as Managing Director in Delete Demolition Oy. Various positions as board member, for example in VRT Finland Oy.

Partner, Investments

Experienced business leader and management expert. Long experience as CEO in a retail company specialized in consumer goods. Has extensive experience building and renewing organizations. Strong knowledge in construction and property business. Board member in several SME companies. 


Partner, Business Development

Business strategist and experienced growth advisor. CEO and founder of strategic consulting and technology company Talentree. Also experienced board member. Has extensive experience in business development of growth companies within several industries. Masters in strategy planning, HRD and process development.


Partner, Software

Highly analytical software development professional with a strong background in startup business development. Years of experience in industrial and machine vision software architecture development. Owner of software consulting company Tomaattinen, previously Technology Manager and co-founder at Numcore.


CEO / Partner, Marketing

Marketing enthusiast with wide experience in setting up and developing marketing of international tech startups, including Rocsole, Numcore, and VRT Finland, where she currently works as CMO. Specializes in result-based marketing concepts and marketing message clarification – from strategy to execution.


Partner, Technology Advisor

Professor at the University of Eastern Finland with years of experience in developing tomographic technologies. Co-founder of Rocsole, co-founder and former CTO of Numcore.

Partner, Technology Advisor

Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Auckland with over 20 years of research experience in mathematics, physics and inversion problems. Co-founder of Rocsole and Numcore.

Savroc has developed hard trivalent chromium coating technology that exceeds the mechanical performance of existing hard chrome coatings. Savroc’s coatings do not contain toxic chromic acid used in existing hard chrome coating process and are therefore safer to the environment and people working in the coating process.


VRT is the market leader in underwater structural inspections and measurements. VRT’s solutions ensure that even hidden changes or damage do not cause unpleasant surprises. Cost effective measurement techniques together with the best equipment on the market result in the most accurate and highest quality results.



OwnSurround brings personally tailored 3D surround sound to the user’s own headphones.



Aurealis Pharma, a biopharmaceutical company based in Kuopio, Finland and Basel, Switzerland, has developed an effective, safe and economical treatment method that greatly improves the quality of life for chronic inflammation and cancer sufferers.



RPS Brewing is an innovative, award-winning indie brewery based in Kuopio, Finland. The brewery describes its beer as balanced, fresh and pure to the palette. beers have been awarded for their taste for example in various categories of “the best beer in Finland” -competition in 2018.


Nostetta Ventures chosen to manage €10 million startup fund

Nostetta Oy is the main owner of Nostetta Ventures, which was chosen to manage 10M€ startup fund. The fund invests in early stage growth companies mainly situated in Northern Savo region in Finland – the home of Nostetta Oy and Nostetta Ventures. The goal is to invest in 15 to 20 startups during a 10 year period. The first investments are estimated to be made in spring 2020.

The fund will combine private and governmental equity as follows:

  • City of Kuopio, 1.2M€
  • City of Iisalmi, 0.5M€
  • City of Varkaus, 0.5M€
  • Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (a grant), 4.9M€
  • Private investors, 2.5M€
  • Nostetta Ventures, 0.4M€

The CEO of Nostetta Ventures is Heidi Ahonen.

Read more (in Finnish) in Tekniikka&Talous.

Nostetta portfolio grows with RPS Brewing, an award-winning indie brewery from northern periferia

Nostetta has invested in an innovative indie brewery RPS Brewing based in Kuopio, Finland. RPS Brewing completed a directed share issue in the end of 2018 to strengthen its team and competence in business development and to accelerate its growth in international markets. Along with Nostetta Oy, a Finnish business person of the year 2017 Mika Sutinen, the CEO of Kotipizza Group Tommi Tervanen and a group of private investors and employees joined the company as investors.

RPS Brewing’s beers have been awarded for their taste for example in various categories of “the best beer in Finland” -competition in 2018. RPS Brewing’s brewmaster Aki wishes to produce tasteful but drinkable beer. The brewery describes its beer as balanced, fresh and pure to the palette. And as we need a game in everything in life, the beer also can beat each other in different forms. In strength, freshness, body type, or else. Eventually the strength meets softness and cuddliness and is melted. You know the drill.

Besides the tasteful beer, the company is also known for its innovative marketing efforts. One of the most famous examples is release of the “Let’s Settle This Like Adults” beer for Trump-Putin summit 2018 in Helsinki.

Read more about the RPS beers here:

More information about the directed share issue in RPS Brewing’s Facebook (in Finnish):


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